In today’s digital world, banking is one of the industries that has taken advantage of better technologies, especially in the case of security. Kensington Bank has made huge investments into the digital space to provide YOU, the customer, with the best that we can offer. If you haven’t checked out our online platform, now is the perfect time to check it out! And here’s a few reasons why:

Total Security

Online security is a highly complex topic with a lot of behind the scenes components that go to work to keep your information safe! We utilize multiple different methods of securing your identity and security online each time you log into your account. One major feature is a dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet. Using the app versus the online browser can keep you safer from threats via public Wifi and offers access no matter where you are. Through the use of multi-factor authentication and security tokens, we can verify your identity every time you get into your account. Combined with the biometric security linked to your Apple or Android smartphone, a set of unique security questions that only YOU know the answer to and end to end encryption of your information, we aim to mitigate as much risk as we can when using online banking.

Safer Than Cash and Checks

Cash has always been king, but in today’s current environment, more and more businesses and customers are taking advantage of contactless payment methods. With the Mobile Wallet on your smartphone, you can use your Kensington Bank debit card to pay for your item without ever needing to swipe the card; eliminating potential scamming equipment or somebody looking over your shoulders for your PIN.  Through the personal security of your smartphone, you can verify your identity and make your payment in half the time it would take to write a check or count the correct change. Using mobile wallet can also reduce your risk of information being stolen from a lost check, or needing to carry around large amounts of cash for your next big purchase.

24/7 Access

While our branches might have standard operating hours, you’re online banking never does! Digital banking and the Kensington Bank app allows you to check balances, see recent transactions, move money, check your budget or a variety of other options! Paying back your roommate for last night’s take out is as easy as sending them a text, having them enter in some ID info and they can be receiving money in minutes. And don’t worry about that auto-payment that hits at midnight; you can log on and move the money from your emergency account without a second thought.

With the advantages online banking offers, you’ll have total control of your funds through top level security, you won’t need to carry big wads of cash around and you’ll never be left in the dark with access at any time. Be sure to visit or call into your local branch, to find out more information about Digital Banking and how to easily enroll!