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Welcome to Elrosa, MN!

Elrosa is a city in Stearns County just south of Sauk Centre 11 miles. U.S. Highway 71 serves as a main route through the community. In 2010’s census the population was 211.

Elrosa was named after two granddaughters of one of the city council members named Ella and Rose Nichols.

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Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church

Bishop Zardetti granted the establishment of the parish in 1889, but was located in the former village of Lake George, Minnesota. The first frame church was built there in 1891 and dedicated in 1892. Priests from Spring Hill and then Belgrade serviced the parish once a month during the early years.

Once the railroad arrived, coming through Elrosa and bypassing Lake George, the community of Sts. Peter and Paul decided to move everything to Elrosa. The present church building was a work in progress beginning in 1917 with the basement, and then finished and dedicated by Bishop Busch in 1926. The current rectory was completed at the same time, both under the direction of Father John Fuss.

In 1952, the parish built the six-room parochial school which was staffed by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Joseph. Since closing in 1972, the school building has been used as a catechetical center.

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Harry’s Frozen Foods History

Harry’s Frozen Foods started in 1989 in Elrosa, MN by Harry & Carol Zenzen. Harry’s is a family owned business in which Harry and Carol are still involved in, along with their two children.

The business started after an investment in a frozen pizza company by Harry and Carol that did not work out. The equipment from the pizza company was moved to Elrosa where operations under Harry’s Frozen Foods started. After hiring a few friends and relatives, the business started making microwaveable sandwiches and garlic bread called “Harry’s Hungerbusters.” Shortly after sandwich production began, “Harry’s Pizza” made its introduction to customers. The business has seen many changes over the last 30 years. More employees have been added and the facility, which is located on Elrosa’s Main Street, has recently undergone major renovations. Today they have 14 different kinds of pizzas and 7 different flavors of sandwiches.

Delivery of their products started mainly in central Minnesota to bars and has since grown to grocery stores, convenience stores, and meat markets across Minnesota, as well as eastern North Dakota and South Dakota. Harry’s Pizza has also made its way into many schools and organizations as fundraisers and in concessions stand sales.

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