Connie Isaacson

Connie Isaacson

Chief Talent Officer


With over 40 years of unwavering dedication to the banking industry, Connie stands as a seasoned professional at Kensington Bank. Throughout her extensive career, she has navigated various roles under different management structures, accumulating a wealth of experience. What resonates most with Connie in her time at Kensington Bank is the genuine care extended to customers and the communities they serve.

Connie takes pride in the institution’s commitment to community banking philosophies. The emphasis on building enduring relationships with customers aligns seamlessly with her values, creating a foundation for lasting connections.

Beyond the professional realm, Connie shares a fulfilling personal life with her husband. Their joy is derived from spending quality time with their growing family and basking in the serenity of the lake. A common sight is the couple enthusiastically cheering on their grandchildren at their various activities, reflecting their deep commitment to family bonds.

Kensington Bank Team Member Since 1999


Connie Isaacson