David Miller

David Miller

Senior Commercial Lender, VP


David, our Senior Commercial Lender, isn’t just a dedicated professional; he’s a seasoned player at Kensington Bank, bringing a mix of expertise and community-focused values to the table.

In his personal and professional orbits, family holds a central place for David. With a spouse and adult children, he understands the ins and outs of financial stability and growth. At Kensington Bank, his satisfaction stems from propelling business customers towards prosperity and playing a role in community development.

Since becoming a part of the Kensington Bank crew in 2018, David’s been a linchpin in the institution’s growth story. His commitment isn’t confined to the bank; he’s an active participant in professional groups like the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation, Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association, Saint Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, and Saint Joseph Area Chamber of Commerce. These involvements underscore his dedication to fostering collaboration and economic development in the regions where Kensington Bank operates.

Beyond the office desk, David dives into life’s vibrant experiences. Whether soaking in live music, cheering at sports events, or swinging clubs on the golf course, he finds joy in the diverse tapestry of interests.

David embodies the values Kensington Bank holds dear—dedication, community engagement, and a fervor for contributing to the success of businesses.

Kensington Bank Team Member Since 2018


David Miller