Ethan Bollman

Relationship Banker


For Ethan, it’s about cultivating positive relationships with customers and making a meaningful impact on the communities the bank serves.

Ethan’s appreciation for Kensington Bank extends beyond its services to the heart of the matter—the people he works with. The collaborative spirit among colleagues creates a workplace that feels like a community in itself.

With a dedicated journey in banking, Ethan seamlessly blends professionalism and relatability, making every interaction purposeful and engaging.

Beyond banking, Ethan brings a touch of humor and diverse interests to the mix. From intriguing facts, like Mike Tyson’s unconventional offer to a zoo attendant, to light-hearted quotes, such as John Daly’s take on meat addiction, Ethan’s personality reflects a genuine appreciation for both the professional and the whimsical.

Kensington Bank Team Member Since 2020