Sue Schmitz

Sue Schmitz

Senior Bank Support Officer


A banking veteran with over two decades in the industry, Sue’s journey kicked off as a drive-up teller and bookkeeper, evolving into an essential role in the Bank Support team and serving as the BSA officer.

Balancing the hats of a farmer’s wife and mother, Sue’s roots run deep in family life. Their farm sees the nurturing of beef steers and crops, and recent times brought the addition of lake living, bringing a fresh dynamic to their lifestyle. Sue embraces both the highs and hurdles of motherhood.

Beyond the banking hustle, Sue discovers solace in the kitchen, where cooking and baking act as her stress-busting outlets. She’s a warm hostess, firmly believing that a glass of wine can elevate any occasion. Sue’s interests span across music, reading, and drawing insights from life’s diverse experiences.

In the community scene, Sue is an active contributor to her church, wearing multiple hats as a musician, choir member, church dinner chairperson, and finance committee participant. She also rolls up her sleeves for town celebrations, showcasing her dedication to community well-being.

Kensington Bank Team Member Since 2001

Sue Schmitz


Bank Support