Surcharge-Free Access to Your Money, Almost Anywhere!

Many of us have been in a situation where we need to use an ATM but are nowhere near our bank. For your convenience, Kensington Bank has partnered with MoneyPass through Pulse Select to provide debit card users with surcharge-free access to over 32,000 ATMs nationwide.

How do I access these ATMs?

If you aren’t near a Kensington Bank location, more than 32,000 MoneyPass machines are available nationwide. You can locate a MoneyPass device near you by visiting the MoneyPass ATM Locator service online. You can find ATMs by address, city and state, and ZIP Code and download maps to your GPS. Not all ATMs display MoneyPass decals, and some may have stickers or warning screens about surcharge fees, but ATMs you find using the locator are surcharge-free for your debit card.

MoneyPass has also partnered with Walmart to provide surcharge-free ATM access in more than 2,000 stores through Walmart’s MoneyCenter Express machines. That’s about half the Walmart stores in the U.S. This is another excellent way to get the cash you need without paying added fees!

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