40,000+ ways to get cash when you need it

As a Kensington Bank customer, you get access to 40,000+ fee free MoneyPass® ATMs. Just look for the MoneyPass® decal on the ATM.


How do I access these ATMs?

If you find yourself away from a Kensington Bank location, rest assured that our commitment to your convenience extends beyond our branches. With over 40,000 MoneyPass® machines available nationwide, you have easy access to cash whenever you need it. At Kensington Bank, we care about ensuring you have seamless access to your funds.

Discovering a MoneyPass® ATM near you is a breeze with our online MoneyPass® ATM Locator service. Whether you’re searching by address, city, state, or ZIP Code, the service is designed to make finding ATMs a hassle-free experience. With a single tap, you will be navigating to the ATM of your choice.

It’s worth noting that not all ATMs display MoneyPass® decals; some may feature stickers or warning screens about surcharge fees. However, ATMs located through our locator service offer surcharge-free transactions for your debit card, ensuring that accessing your funds is both cost-effective and straightforward.

Find an ATM near you

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