Beth Kollman

Beth Kollman

Bank Support Specialist


Beth, a seasoned professional in banking, brings a practical touch to her dual commitments to family and work. Juggling marriage, four kids, and a grandchild, she’s the real deal when it comes to balancing career excellence and a rich family life.

Her banking career spans over a decade, with Kensington Bank being her home since 2014. Beth kicked off her journey on the teller line and smoothly shifted gears to the Bank Support department after two years, showcasing her knack for adaptability and growth.

Away from the bank’s hustle, Beth’s interests extend to quality family time, diving into literature as an avid reader, and flaunting her culinary prowess through cooking adventures. Adding an active spin to her life, she’s also into running.

Stationed in Elrosa, Beth’s turf is the Bank Support department, where she thrives amidst an exceptional team. She values the flexibility her role brings, finding satisfaction in both assisting on the teller line and diving into the operational nitty-gritty.

Beth Kollman


Bank Support