Cheri Anderson

Cheri Anderson

Relationship Banker III


Originally from Glenwood, MN, Cheri is a seasoned professional at Kensington Bank. A Glenwood High School graduate, she values family and is happily married with two daughters and grandchildren.

Beyond her role as a Relationship Banker III, Cheri enjoys outdoor pursuits like cross-country skiing, fishing, camping, biking, and gardening. Her compassionate nature shines through in her volunteer work with the Central MN Elder Network.

Joining Kensington Bank in 2006 as a teller, Cheri’s versatility led her through roles such as Payroll Assistant, Finance Assistant, and Relationship Banker Supervisor. The vibrant camaraderie among co-workers is a highlight, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

Kensington Bank Team Member Since 2006

Cheri Anderson