Justin Schnichels

Justin Schnichels

Chief Operating Officer


Justin’s banking journey, which began in 2003, has witnessed the dynamic landscape of both big and small banks. His passion for working at Kensington Bank stems from the institution’s commitment to community growth. Recognizing the pivotal role of community bankers, Justin sees their mission as straightforward—being a safe, stable catalyst for local community expansion.

For him, the essence of community banking lies in fostering a thriving local ecosystem. By assisting businesses and farmers in their growth, Kensington Bank contributes to a positive domino effect. More employment opportunities lead to increased local spending, supporting businesses, schools, and places of worship, and creating a holistic cycle of prosperity.

In metaphorical terms, Justin envisions Kensington Bank as a force working to create a rising tide that uplifts all boats in the communities it serves. His dedication to community-centric banking reflects the core values of Kensington Bank, making him an integral part of the institution’s commitment to nurturing community growth.

Kensington Bank Team Member Since 2011

Justin Schnichels