Nicole Christopher

Nicole Christopher

Vice President of Retail Banking


With a banking journey dating back to 2007, Nicole has embraced various roles, from Teller to Universal Banker, Relationship Banker, Consumer Lender, Supervisor, and now VP of Retail Banking.

When reflecting on Kensington Cares, Nicole envisions a sense of familial warmth. The bank’s involvement in supporting the local school district, fostering new businesses, and aiding families settling into the community resonates deeply.

Nicole’s work philosophy mirrors Richard Branson’s sentiment that work should be fun. Her enthusiasm, coupled with a genuine love for what she does, creates a vibrant and enjoyable work environment. As she continues to contribute to Kensington Bank’s success, Nicole Christopher remains a beacon of community-centric banking, nurturing growth and fostering lasting relationships.

Kensington Bank Team Member Since 2012

Nicole Christopher