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Robyn Olson

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management

Executive, Bank Support





I am married to a Dairy Farmer, and we have two sons. My oldest son lives in Montana with his wife and our only grandchild Our youngest son farms with his Dad. We have two dogs (and a grand-dog)and they are pretty spoiled because we are definitely a dog-loving family. I try to go out to Montana to see my family as often as I can. My Mom lives not too far away from me so I am lucky to have her close by. My husband spends a lot of his time on the farm so I am so lucky to have wonderful friends who I enjoy spending time with walking, bike riding, doing 5ks, and occasionally travelling or going to a concert. I have worked at Kensington Bank, or previously First State Bank of Kensington, for 35 years. There has been so much change in my time at the Bank and it is pretty amazing thinking of the changes from 35 years ago when I started especially the technology and we don’t have to hand sort and alphabetize checks anymore.

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Other Positions Held at Kensington Bank:
Head of Retail
Human Resources
Payroll Processor
Compliance Officer
Senior Vice President of Operations

Professional Group Affiliations:
Kensington Commercial Club
Treasurer of my church.

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